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Principal Ginette Mack Receives the Inaugural Kraay Family Continuing Education Scholarship

Congratulations to Ginette Mack, the inaugural recipient of the Kraay Family Continuing Education Scholarship. This scholarship was developed by the Neil Kraay Family out of Grand Rapids Michigan to support Canadian Christian school teachers and principals in receiving their Masters of Education from Calvin University. Neil is a graduate of Jarvis Community Christian School and Hamilton District Christian High.

Ginette Mack is a teaching principal at Northumberland Christian School in Cobourg, Ontario. She began her journey at Calvin after participating in the 2011 ELDI program. It has been a slow journey through the Masters of Educational Leadership track, taking one course each year. However, looking back it is amazing to see how each course spoke into and informed the leadership work needed for the proceeding school year. This summer was no exception as Ginette participated in the course Pathways to Inclusion and NCS was also a recipient of the Belonging Bursary through the Foundation. The ways in which God aligns our Kingdom work are truly marvelous! Ginette is thrilled to be a recipient of the Kraay Family Continuing Education Scholarship which will allow her to complete the program.