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Christian School Foundation 2019 Partnership and Recruitment Bursaries Now Available

On Monday, March 18, 2019 the online applications for Partnership and Recruitment Bursaries were activated by the Christian School Foundation.

These bursaries are available to the Foundation’s member schools and are designed to stretch existing school bursary programs further, allowing them to include a greater number of families and students in their learning communities.

“We have some donors who have a real heart for supporting schools that draw in new families, enabling more people to have the experience of a Christian education,” said Meghan Van Pelt, whose role at the Foundation includes crafting an application and distribution process for these bursaries. “In response to this donor priority, we designed the Recruitment Bursary to support schools as they bring in families new to Christian education.”

Tony Kamphuis, Christian School Foundation CEO, pointed out that the Partnership Bursary is a program that is available to any school that has a family that demonstrates a level of need for financial support – whether they are new to Christian education or not.

“We are really excited by both of these programs, and we are very thankful for the range of donors who have made them possible. In this current school year we have seen nearly $650,000 flow from willing donors to our member schools through these two programs, and we couldn’t be happier about helping to make this happen,” said Kamphuis.

For the 2019-2020 school year, the Foundation hopes to push that total even higher. Applications are now available to Christian schools that are members of the Foundation, and the application season closes on June 6, 2019.