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Principal appreciative of ‘big picture’ donor

What compels individuals to give money to the Christian School Foundation? For one generous donor two years ago, it was a desire to make Christian education a more affordable option for families experiencing financial hardship.

It was an act of giving that profoundly blessed three different families currently attending Quinte Christian High School (QCHS).  As a result of a donor making a significant lump sum gift in each of the last two years to establish and fund the innovative Recruitment Scholarship program, Quinte Christian High (as a member school) was able to apply for a measure of discretionary funding to ‘add that little extra’ to their current bursary efforts.
“We had at that time one family that very much wanted to come to our school but knew that there would be no way they could afford it,” said John VanderWindt, Principal at QCHS.  Although the school could offer some financial support through its own bursary fund, the amount alone was not enough to remove the financial barriers the family was facing.

Combining the amount with funds donated through the Christian School Foundation, however, turned the situation around. It created a program that made Christian education a viable option for the family. It meant that one more new student would walk through the halls of QCHS and become immersed in a vibrant and caring community of faith.

A year later, funds from the Christian School Foundation made Christian education a manageable possibility for three families who would have otherwise believed it difficult, or likely impossible, to attend QCHS.

VanderWindt has enjoyed watching the students from those families find their place at QCHS.  “It’s been a real joy to see them flourish,” he reflected. “They’ve learned how to develop friends, speak for themselves when they need assistance, and to interact with peers. To watch how their faith has grown in the last couple years has been a real treat.”

For VanderWindt, integrating these students and their families into the QCHS community has been a rewarding part of daily life at the school. And, while their future looks bright, the presence of these students also reminds him of a covenant promise made many years ago.

“I think back to what we promised at baptism. As a community we promised to do all that we can to raise children in the Lord and to be able to provide whatever is needed. And, with the help of the Christian School Foundation we are able to extend that fulfillment of a promise to more families.”

According to VanderWindt, it’s this commitment to looking out for each other—particularly those in need of financial support—that will strengthen the Christian school community as a whole.

“It really fits into the whole idea of a community working with fellow believers to help with the education of our children,” he said. Although opportunities to extend financial support may begin with one family, VanderWindt believes that the impact of a formative Christ centered education yields blessings that “will go far beyond just one or two people”. That realization is one of the many reasons VanderWindt wishes to express his deep gratitude to the Christian School Foundation, and to the generous donor who helped make Christian day school more accessible for more families.