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OACSF Merges with the Christian School Foundation

The Christian School Foundation is pleased to announce it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Ontario Association of Christian Schools Foundation (OACSF) which will serve to strengthen the cause of Christian education in Ontario.

The MOU outlines the terms of a merger between the Christian School Foundation and the OACSF. The merger officially took place on June 26, 2015.

The OACSF was established in 2007 with one of its goals being the development of Christian learning resources and leadership.

By joining the Christian School Foundation, those goals will continue to be served, said Richard Dykstra, vice-chair of the OACSF board of directors. Being part of a province-wide organization has the potential to attract even more support for those educational goals, agreed Henry Koornneef, executive vice-president of the Christian School Foundation, who welcomed the merger.

For the OACSF, the merger will mean any gifts or assets will be transferred to the Christian School Foundation and held in a designated fund named the Ontario Christian Education Fund, Koornneef said. That fund will continue to support charitable projects, especially curriculum resources and leadership development. Donors past, present and future can continue to trust that their wishes will be honoured and the cause of Christian education will be blessed, Koornneef said.

Growing the Foundation is good for all its members, Koornneef said.

“From the beginning, our goal was to unclutter the landscape and make it simple and clear for donors who love Christian education to know how to make good plans,” Koornneef said. As the Foundation grows, it will be able to offer even more benefits to both its donors and to its member schools.

Koornneef said the Christian School Foundation is talking to other schools and foundations in Ontario, and is willing to talk to other interested schools and groups across the country about the benefits of joining a unified group.

“It’s about the schools, ensuring that they thrive not just for current families, but future families,” Koornneef said. “The Christian School Foundation exists to serve the families that the schools are serving.”