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The Christian School Foundation Partners with Act Five, a Vibrant New Gap Year Program

When the Christian School Foundation was approached by a group of five Christian high schools with a proposal for crafting a different kind of gap year program, it was exactly the kind of innovative program offering they were happy to support.

Now, in partnership with Redeemer University College, the ACTFIVE program is ready to launch.

Under program coordinator Jon Berends, Act Five has developed into an 8-month Christian gap year program filled with adventure, travel, service, learning, and mentorship. Participants will experience all of this in a close-knit community as they figure out together where they are going next, why their faith matters, and how they want to live in the world.

From wilderness retreats and opportunities for introspection to international experiences that feature cross-cultural learning, Act Five is tailor-made for high school graduates who want to consider deeply where God might be leading them.

The Foundation appreciates the way this group of Foundation member schools came together to address this need. Congratulations to Smithville Christian High School, Woodland Christian High School, Toronto District Christian High School, Hamilton District Christian High School and London Christian High School as well as the leadership at Redeemer University College on this impressive display of cooperative effort.

You can learn more about the program by visiting