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Typical Grandparents

How could “typical grandparents” work with a Foundation? Isn’t that more for very wealthy people? This is what Ike and Marie DeKlerk of Dunnville have learned about this question over the past few years.

Eleven years ago, the DeKlerks heard they could put some funds in a Revocable Deposit Agreement (RDA) with the Foundation that would support the schools their grandchildren were attending.

“We have 24 grandchildren spread over quite an area now, and we wanted to show our support for their Christian schools,” said Marie DeKlerk. Henry Koornneef, Christian School Foundation Executive Vice-President, made it easy for the DeKlerks to do that for the Dunnville, NACE and Smithville Christian High schools, since these schools were part of the Foundation. With Henry’s help, the DeKlerks established a fund that gives a gift twice a year to each of the schools their grandchildren attend.

Over the years, “Henry did a very nice job of keeping us informed about how our gift was making a difference,” Marie said.

Then, in August 2016, the DeKlerks were happy to learn that schools in the London area had also joined the Foundation. Now the couple could easily extend the blessing to the St. Thomas and Woodstock Christian schools where more of their grandchildren attend. At the same time, Henry Koornneef suggested the DeKlerks add to the fund in order to ensure that each school would continue to receive the same amount.

“We were glad he asked because we had the same idea in mind,” Marie said. “We got together soon afterward and he quickly had everything arranged.”

The DeKlerks say they feel blessed to be able to support Christian schools in this way.

“Here we are, really just typical grandparents, and now we are able to make a difference for so many Christian schools! Seven of our grandchildren are married already (that goes so fast!) and already three of the next generation have started to attend a Christian school!”

Henry Koornneef asked the DeKlerks one more question: Would they mind sharing their story?

“We don’t think what we’ve done is anything extraordinary,” Marie said, “But Henry said that was exactly why he thought the story should be shared.”

“It really shows that anyone, even just typical grandparents, can work through the Foundation to bless the Christian schools they love.”