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Christian School Foundation Creates “Farm and Business Transition” Video Series

In partnership with experienced business transition coach Mr. Ian Cubitt, CPA, the Foundation has created four short videos to address some common challenges faced during the farm or business transition process.

“These videos are an introduction to some tools to help the transition process get off on the right foot. Making positive first steps is very valuable as people often discover when they get further into the process,” noted Tony Kamphuis, Christian School Foundation CEO.

“Everyone wants a transition process that protects family harmony, that sets the new owners up for future success, and that respects all those connected to the business, even if they aren’t going to be part of the ownership group going forward,” said Ian Cubitt. “While the succession process can breakdown and can lead to hurt feelings – or worse – it doesn’t have to be that way.”

A theme that runs through the video series is the importance of clarifying what is most important to each of the people involved, and ensuring that these things are communicated in a way that leads to mutual understanding.

“As the Foundation we aren’t experts in this area,” Kamphuis remarked, “but as in many other areas in which we work, our interest is in connecting Christian school supporters with people who are able to help them meet a need or solve a challenge. We see ourselves as bridge-builders, working hard to break down silos that can sometimes develop.”

“We hope people are blessed by these videos, even if they simply watch them and consider their content as they work on the transition process themselves or with their advisors. Of course, we are also pleased to have organized workshops around the province that will provide an opportunity for more interactive and in-depth conversation as a follow-up to the videos. Anyone can access the videos and register for the workshops by going to /farm-transition-workshop/.  These videos are a service provided at no cost to the viewer, and are intended as our gift to those who are in this situation.”